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A place of rest... and salvation

News Stories (1).png16/05/2024 10:32 Six years ago, Karina and Mauricio Aldana and Carolynn and James Webb arrived in the Basque Country, Spain with the hope of planting a church, when the mayor made a quick remark about the possibility of a small guest house for Camino pilgrims. The idea stuck with them, the desire for such a ministry deepened, and the doors kept opening. Fast forward to 2024, and you will find a small church plant and a fully furnished guest house with space for 12, having welcomed its first pilgrims. full story

ECM's ministry continues to grow

Statistics.jpg16/04/2024 09:22 Your faithful prayers and gifts have made this possible. Thank you! full story

Ukraine: training and caring for volunteers

20240412_192205_0000.png12/04/2024 19:16 Volunteers, all faithful servants, combined rest and enjoyed nature, morning worship and participation in the workshops "The Art of Communication", taught by Stanislav. full story

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