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110 campers heard the gospel this month!

News Stories (2).pngJuly - 23 - 2024 12:01 It was Friday afternoon, and M. was sitting in his teepee with his monitor and kept asking him questions about Jesus. That week he had experienced unconditional love for the first time, and he was ready to receive it. full story

Romanian ECMers make the New Testament accessible in their own native language

Bible new hope.jpgJuly - 23 - 2024 10:17 The team has already succeeded in translating, publishing and printing Matthew, Romans, Ephesians, Colossians, James, 1,2,3 John and Revelation and more. full story

Planting Refuge and Hope

News Stories (2).pngJuly - 17 - 2024 12:42 Just as the miracle of a seed transforming underneath the soil, the Greenhouse Community project in Schwerin-Lankow, Germany is transforming from the inside out. full story

The Blessings of Summer Camp

News Stories (1).pngJuly - 05 - 2024 12:34 Since 2004, Camp Timok has been blessing children and their families and has seen many come to follow Jesus. Some have now entered full time ministry as elders, pastors or missionaries. The camp began with a dream and simple tents, but has since been able to build a dormitory, meeting hall, kitchen and dining room to serve 70 people at once. full story

Talking about Jesus (without being THAT guy)

Partner with a Project (1).pngJune - 20 - 2024 14:03 Discover our new project to help Spanish students talk about Jesus (without putting their foot in it!). This project aims to cover the translation, publication and distribution of a new book written for the church on how to talk about Jesus in a natural and engaging way. Keep reading to find out more! full story

Jesus in a Jazz Club

Copy of Where We Work pictures small (1).pngJune - 03 - 2024 20:12 Well, the album is out on Spotify and the launch concert was a wonderful success. Thank you so much for your investment into this project. I am so encouraged that as missionaries in Berlin, God is giving us opportunities to go into the world's spaces to bring the gospel, to be his representatives. full story

A place of rest... and salvation

News Stories (1).pngMay - 16 - 2024 10:32 Six years ago, the Aldanas and the Webbs arrived in the Basque Country, Spain with the hope of planting a church, when the mayor made a quick remark about the possibility of a small guest house for Camino pilgrims. Fast forward to 2024, and you find a small church plant and a fully furnished guest house with space for 12, having welcomed its first pilgrims. full story

ECM's ministry continues to grow

Statistics.jpgApril - 16 - 2024 09:22 Your faithful prayers and gifts have made this possible. Thank you! full story

Ukraine: training and caring for volunteers

20240412_192205_0000.pngApril - 12 - 2024 19:16 Volunteers, all faithful servants, combined rest and enjoyed nature, morning worship and participation in the workshops "The Art of Communication", taught by Stanislav. full story

Can a church multiply quickly in the UK?

Pete Benest.jpgApril - 09 - 2024 10:30 Pete Benest shares an exciting journey that has resulted in interactions with more than 250 people in Shepshed. full story

Multiplying young leaders in Slovenia

Sarah Deacon.jpgApril - 02 - 2024 09:32 Read how Sarah Deacon is helping teenagers to transition from being in the youth group to becoming young leaders. full story

Multipliable Mission Teams

News Stories (3).pngFebruary - 06 - 2024 14:58 It’s almost impossible for either Samantha or myself to tell our testimonies, let alone how we felt called into full time missions, without mentioning the impact of short-term missions. full story

God calls the available

News Stories (2).pngJanuary - 18 - 2024 13:41 "A short-term mission is a wonderful opportunity to serve God and others, along side the exploration and discovering of your gifts. Jesus doesn’t need you to be qualified, but to be available and trust in Him." full story

The gospel through music: our project advances!

News Stories (2).pngJanuary - 10 - 2024 11:03 We have nearly finished the recording stage, and we are already seeing how, even during the creation process, the music is awakening people to the truth of God here in Berlin. full story

This 2024, Connect to your Calling

News Stories (1).pngJanuary - 04 - 2024 10:38 Is God speaking to you about serving in Europe? If so, we’d love to talk! full story

Happy New Year from ECM!

Happy New Year 2023 SM.jpgDecember - 31 - 2023 23:30 We want people to begin 2024 with hope and joy. And those are to be found in Jesus. full story

Connecting with the Global Church

Croatia.jpgDecember - 19 - 2023 10:15 What does it mean for Stephen and Tabita Bell to connect with the people around them in Croatia and in...Brazil? full story

Connecting across Europe

Connecting in Kosovo.jpgDecember - 12 - 2023 10:00 Mia Bentley, a recent short-termer, shares her wonderful experience during her time in Kosovo. full story