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The Russian invasion of Ukraine is causing a crisis situation affecting millions of people in that country and our hearts hurt for their pain. Remembering Paul’s words to the Galatians, as we have opportunity, we want to do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers. We want to extend that opportunity to you, inviting you to join us in supporting the ECM workers and ministries in Ukraine. There are three ways you can help them: 1. Pray 2. Support them financially 3. Share this with others To serve these and other possible needs, we have established a Ukraine Crisis Fund. To give to this, please use the Donation button on this page. Click on the banner below to find out how you can help.


New Director - Job Advertisement

ECM Ireland director (Business card).png21/09/2022 13:04 An exciting opportunity has arisen for an inspiring wise strategic leader to take forward the work of European Christian Mission Ireland. full story

Standing Together

Ukraine tour Ireland20/09/2022 10:31 Come, be informed and inspired by ECM Workers Kostya and Viktoria, who have been directly involved with the refugee response efforts both inside and outside Ukraine. full story

A true life changing experience

STM Stories. Leah in Ireland 202215/09/2022 13:47 Leah Houston has spent four weeks serving in Ferrybank, Waterford, Ireland. This missionary experience has helped her grow in her understanding of the Church, missions, and God. read here how she shares her experience serving with ECM in Europe. full story

ECM Ireland Map - Aug 2022

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