ECM Ireland

Address    : Ballymacoss Avenue, BT28 2GX Lisburn
Telephone :+44 (0) 28 9266 6044
Website     :

The ECM office in Ireland works with a team of office staff, board members and volunteers to recruit, deploy and support missionaries, and partners in ministry, and seeks to promote the work in which they are involved. In addition, the office mobilizes Christians in Ireland both north and south to help build a different Europe, through prayer and financial support.**

Office Team
The office team is responsible for:

  • the daily running of the ECM office.
  • recruiting and supporting candidates and missionaries.
  • the administration of funds, information, communication, facilitate support.

The board of ECM Ireland consists of a number of skilled, committed people with diverse backgrounds. They

  • oversee the running of the office and use of funds
  • support and guide the director in all areas of his work
  • are the governing body to whom the director is accountable and bear ultimate responsibility for all areas of ECM Ireland’s ministry.

Volunteers and Ambassadors
In addition to the regular office employees, volunteers work in various capacities such as prayer co-ordinators and those who update our database systems periodically.