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Our desire is that people will come to a personal understanding of the Christian message and decide to live for God, putting their hopes in Jesus Christ and not on themselves and their own merits.

Church Planters in Ireland

In July 2013, Jonathan & Nicola moved as a family from Tramore (SE Ireland) to the town of Claremorris in the West of Ireland. They are partnering with the locally based “Calvary Mission” (CM) that has been serving towns in County Mayo for a number of years. CM consists of workers from USA, Australia, N.Ireland and Republic of Ireland who are affiliated to several sending missions, but working together on various church-planting opportunities, mainly in Co. Mayo. Jonathan is the Member Care Facilitator within ECM and is also part of the Field Council. Jonathan and Nicola’s focus of ministry locally is the ongoing church-plant in Claremorris.

Claremorris is a growing town of around 5,000 people in the heart of Mayo. Calvary Church Claremorris began in 2016 and currently meets in the local Town Hall. Outreach efforts are combined with discipleship in the small church which has drawn people from different countries as well as local people. Currently, Jonathan and Nicola work in a team together with another couple from N.Ireland. From Claremorris, there is the further potential to reach out into other towns with similar need for a gospel witness.

Building for the Future

For 7 years we have hired rooms in Claremorris  Town Hall Theatre, located in the town centre. As  our church has grown, we are beginning to  outgrow the available space.  

Furthermore, the building has become noticeably  busier and is often unavailable, particularly for  meetings on weekday evenings. This has resulted  in us meeting across three different venues in  Claremorris town.  

We now have very limited capacity for new  people to join us and we are not as visible in the  community as we would like. The church members  have agreed that we need a new space for  growth, to have a visible presence in the town, and  to provide a warm welcome to everyone.

Introducing our building project 

For some time, we have sought to rent a more  suitable premises in Claremorris. However, no  suitable properties have become available over  this time.  

After prayerful consideration we have concluded  that it is time for us to seek to purchase & renovate,  or construct a suitable premises. 

We are seeking a building in a central, visible  location in Claremorris. It will be large enough to  accommodate future growth and facilitate the  development of our ministry. It will be a welcoming  space, that is accessible for everyone. 

We estimate that such a building will cost  approximately €600,000. 

We have now set up a building fund and are  actively pursuing internal fundraising and external  donations. All donations, large or small, are  welcome. 

How to Give 

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1. Directly by card on our website 

2. By bank transfer to our building fund account:  Calvary Church Claremorris Building Fund IBAN IE24AIBK93744415280198 (AIB) 

3. Tax-efficient donations via iMap, ECM or UFM  Worldwide 

4. Post cheques to Jonathan McCracken (address  overleaf) 

All donations should be marked “Calvary Church  Claremorris Building Fund” 

For all information needed on giving, see: 

We are affiliated to Calvary Mission, a charity  registered in the Republic of Ireland (CRA  20056353). 

Contact us 

Jonathan McCracken (Pastor) 

19 Rushbrook, Claremorris,  

Co. Mayo, F12 N2F1

Download our project Brochure here

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