Frederik & Eline Boersema

Mirre & Nomi

"We long for an open community of locals, where everyone is welcome."

Frederik and Eline Boersema are building a missional community in the Maastricht neighbourhoods of Scharn and Heer: an accessible place where people can get to know Jesus. "From our faith in Jesus we feel called to be attentive to the needs in our neighbourhood and to connect people with each other and with God."

Frederik and Eline moved to Maastricht in February 2020, where they had their daughter Mirre. Frederik worked for ten years as a student worker for IFES, and Eline works in two Ontmoetingswinkels of the Salvation Army. Together with ECM and Nederland Zoekt they now want to focus on starting up a missional community in their neighbourhood.

A missional community is an open community of locals, where everyone is welcome. Neighbours can meet each other and take steps towards Jesus. Frederik and Eline want to offer low-threshold and diverse activities from within the community.

"Maastricht is a place where few people have a living relationship with Jesus and many people have left the church. We moved into a house in the middle of a neighbourhood where we felt we could make a difference. We have already built up some beautiful and deep contacts!"

Eline continues her work with the Salvation Army while Frederik focuses fully on starting up the community.

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