Proef! Maastricht

Missionary church development
Ministry Type:
Children and YouthMercy MinistriesOutreach and Evangelism
Proef! is a community in the Scharn and Heer neighborhoods of Maastricht. It was set up in 2022 by Frederik and Eline and has been supported by Trix and Edward since 2024. There is still room to expand the team, so feel welcome!
At Proef, we aim to connect people with each other, nature, and God. We see a lot of brokenness around these themes in our environment and want to help build God's kingdom by working towards restoration. We hope that connections will be made again.
In practice, we organize a lot of things, like neighborhood BBQs, help with greening by creating facade gardens, and organize low-threshold celebrations. But much of what we do is focused on building personal relationships and cannot be captured in activities. We always want to welcome people into our community and continue to discover who Jesus is together with others.
At Proef, our homes are open, we go out into the neighborhood, and we work a lot with the Salvation Army's Meeting Shop. In this way, we want to be tangibly and visibly present. And let people get a taste of Jesus. Want to join us?