"Camino Antiguo" Guesthouse in Spain

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The "Camino de Santiago" is one of the oldest pilgrimages in Europe which stretches across Spain, ending in the city of Santiago de Compostela. Though many people walk to enjoy the beautiful landscape, many people walk for deeply personal reasons; grieving, facing life changes, finding their purpose, and searching for God.

ECM team in the Basque Country, Spain  

In 2022, a record-breaking 400,000 people walked the Camino. And around 45% of pilgrims say they walk the Camino for religious/spiritual reasons! 

James and Carolynn Webb and Mauricio and Karina Aldana are ECM missionaries in the Basque region of Las Encartaciones which is located on the Camino Olvidado (Forgotten Way).

Five years ago, God envisioned them to open a guesthouse for pilgrims passing through their town; to create a place for rest, food and sleep before continuing on their way. Their aim is to show the love of Jesus through hospitality and point pilgrims, who are often open to hearing the gospel, to find rest in Jesus.

They have launched the Casa Camino Antiguo (Ancient Way House) project to raise money to purchase and renovate a property for the pilgrim guesthouse. It would be open to local community groups, church and youth groups seeking a retreat space and would be a meeting place for their local church. Currently, they are appealing for financial support as they hope to raise a total of €400,000. For further information or to pledge a donation, visit www.casacaminoantiguo.com

Equipping Christians for mission Casa Camino Antiguo would provide a unique opportunity for Christians to participate in front-line mission to people who walk the Camino. Volunteers can serve pilgrims by cooking, doing maintenance, talking and praying with pilgrims or opening the Bible to share from God’s Word.

The Guesthouse would be a visible presence of the church in Las Encartaciones and allow the ECM team to offer practical hospitality to pilgrims, community activities for locals, and show the love of Jesus in action.

Their prayer is that this will continue to build God’s kingdom in the Basque Country and strengthen the local church. We would love you to be involved in making this vision come to life. 

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