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Greek Bible College ArticleWednesday 21 April 2021 11:23

The Greek Bible College is based in Athens and is a theological institution serving Greek evangelical churches. Their aim is to educate and equip students through a high level of academic teaching, practical ministry opportunities and dynamic character formation within a Christian student-teacher community.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, all educational institutions have been forced to conduct teaching remotely, making all students totally reliant on internet access. However, at the Greek Bible College, online teaching has not been possible because their internet network has depreciated and is unreliable. George Christoforides, one of our Associate Members working in Greece, studied at the college from 2013-2014, and he has offered to use his IT skills to help redesign the network from the ground up, from Wi-Fi access points to wiring and structured cabling. Whilst the college would love to be able to fund all of this project, they are only in the position to fund a quarter of it at this stage, with George doing some of the less costly tasks until they reach their funding target of £6320.

This project will make a huge difference in helping students to attend their classes online, aiding international students to connect with family, allowing classes to be taught virtually and enabling staff to function more efficiently. It also supports ECM Greece’s strategic aim which is to help develop the next generation of leaders for evangelical churches in Greece.

If you would like to partner with us and donate towards this project, you can donate online by clicking here.

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