Shelter for the Unsheltered

From Spain to Scotland

Deerings.jpgWednesday 25 November 2020 12:41

Charlie & Tania Deering have just finished 8 years with ECM in sunny Spain. They are beginning a new chapter of their lives with GLO-Europe in Motherwell, Scotland.
Much of their work in Spain was based in the running of a small ECM ministry centre in the town of Camarma, just outside Madrid. During these past years they’ve been blessed with meeting many diverse people from all over the world. They have many great memories and friendships that will continue on into eternity.
If you’d like to read more about their time in Spain, including their highlights and experiences, you can read them in ECM Life.
We want to thank Charlie and Tania for their faithful service and wish them well on this new exciting chapter of their lives.

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