ECM believes that Europe needs the gospel. Although for centuries the centre of Christendom, today Europe is the only continent where Christianity is in decline. Many years of secularisation, immigration and rising standards of living have replaced faith in Jesus with a multiplicity of different beliefs and lifestyles. Europe has become a complex multicultural and multireligious continent full of challenges.

ECM longs to see loving communities planted across the continent which follow in the footsteps of Jesus and pass on the good news of the gospel through both words and action. We are convinced that only in God can people find the answers for the problems in their lives, communities and nations.

Our values guide how we carry out this mission:

  • UP: Live Godly lives based on courageous faith, prayer and the Bible
  • IN: Live out loving relationships based on integrity, respect and caring for one another
  • OUT: Live missional lives where we actively and creatively participate in God’s mission 
  • TOGETHER: Work and learn through teamwork in the mission and in partnership with other organisations