Richard & Pinuccia Wilson

What touches them is seeing Italians making big sacrifices to serve God in their own country. They desire to see churches planted that can witness to the Gospel in every corner of the province of Trento.

Richard and Pinuccia serve at the Evangelical Church of Rovereto, as well as helping the Evangelical Church of Trento. The church at Trento was planted by ECM but is now autonomous, and planted the church at Rovereto. They enjoy encouraging, helping and training the leaders of the various groups in the church in their roles, working with children and youth, and helping others to start new ministries. Richard also has a ministry using the computer, distributing electronic Bibles over the Internet and by other means, and producing electronic resources to help Italians to read, study and teach the Bible.

Cross Cultural Workers in Italy
Country of origin
Australia (Richard) & Italy (Pinuccia)

With ECM since 1992