Martina Valchářová

Martina lives in northern Moravia, Czech Republic. The country is known for its secularism but has a rich spiritual heritage, including Jan Hus and the Moravian Brethren. Martina is a member of the AC Church in Kopřivnice, led by Pastor Jiří Kostelník, and is part of a discipleship group that believes in putting Jesus first, obeying the Lord, producing good fruit, loving others, and making more disciples.

Martina has been involved in ministry since returning from the UK, where she became a follower of Christ and was mentored by Cecilia. She worked for three years as a project leader for the Christianity Explored program at PROMISE CZ, helping people explore the Christian faith through thought-provoking video resources and courses. The courses are flexible and can be used in various settings, including churches, one-to-one sessions, online, community groups, and prisons. PROMISE CZ translated most of the Christianity Explored courses into Czech, and most church denominations in the Czech Republic use them.

Martina also volunteers for, a website that connects Czech Republic people searching for God to Jesus Christ. She is also a member of the Moravian Brethren and The National History Association, which preserves the legacy of Moravian Brethren missions and follows the strategy of being Christ-Centred, Spirit-Driven, and Mission-Minded.

Martina is currently working on the Czech version of Discipleship for Prisoners. She has helped develop The Prisoner’s Journey, an adaptation of Christianity Explored Prison Edition, used in prisons throughout the world and the Czech Republic.

First Culture Worker in the Czech Republic
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Czech Republic

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