Dirk & Laetitia Held

Tabéa, Elias Gabriel & Elana Mia

“God gave us a heart for him, so that he can use us to reveal his heart for the people. God gave us a heart for the people, so that he can use us to give the people a heart for him.”

About us
We are Dirk and Laetitia Held, with Tabéa (born in 2014), Elias Gabriel (born in 2016) and Elana Mia (born in 2021).

Dirk: I grew up in Dillenburg (Germany). In 2006, I did my diploma in Mathematics (comparable to M.Sc.). In 2012, I finished my 2 years of intercultural Studies at the “Cornerstone - College of intercultural studies” in the Netherlands. While this studies, I met my wife Laetitia. I have some years of work experience in Germany and I did as well some short-term mission trips in foreign countries.
Already during my childhood I gave my life to Jesus and the desire grew to work in a fulltime ministry. While my first studies it got more clear to me that I want to be a missionary. My hobbies are playing music (guitar), sports (running, biking) and photography.

Laetitia: I grew up in Barr (France). I am working as a nurse since 2001 but since 2014 I am in parental time. In 2011 I finished my intercultural Studies in the Netherlands, where I met Dirk.
I have several years of working experience as a nurse and joined several short-term missions in different countries.
Already as a child I felt to be called to become a missionary and took one step after the other in that direction. I am convinced that the Bible is the word of God and that Jesus Christ is the truth, the way and the life. He is the only way to God his father. I am creative and I like reading, swimming and playing music (transverse flute).

Our ministry
In Poland we want to use our gifts to strengthen the evangelical churches and Christians:

  • We want to teach the Bible (discipleship, Bible studies, preaching, …).
  • We want to help people to get to know God better and to follow him.
  • We want to motivate and encourage people to get further training to become strong and godly leaders.

For our ministry we want to speak to the people’s heart. To do this it is necessary for us first to study Polish and as well to understand the culture and history of Poland. That is what we are focusing on right now.

Cross Cultural Workers in Poland
Country of origin
Dirk (Germania) - Laetitia (France)

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