Jody & Marc van Eijden

Jan-Willem & Jack

We hope that people will trust Jesus for who He is.

Marc and Jody van Eijden live and work in Tours, in the heart of France. Almost 500.000 people live in the urban area of Tours, where only a very small percentage of the population are believing Christians.

Since their arrival in 1997, Marc and Jody have started a new church and been leading it towards becoming self-supporting. Besides developing the church with a local leadership team, Marc is heading up a local social center, providing him with plenty of contacts. Over the years, a regional network of existing and new churches have impacted the region with the Gospel. Marc’s leadership involvement within ECMI is both operational as administrative. Jody has a role in ECMI as a Member Care facilitator.

They are grateful to see that the church in Tours is growing, as well as the three church plants in the region. The challenge will be learning to develop a self-sustaining et reproducing network of churches and church plants.

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