Pyry & Ani Winter

Pyry and Ani Winter are Finns serving in Turku, on Finland’s west coast. Recognizing future generations may not find God in the established church, they are focusing on disciple-making movements. These are intended to inspire believers to share Jesus within their social spheres and consistently live the Kingdom ethic.

God has given Pyry and Ani a deep love for people, and crystalised their vision for making disciples who make disciples throughout Finland and to the whole of Europe. This led to the establishment of a robust Finnish disciple making network, including active teams in seven cities across the country. Everyday Finns are being trained to make disciples within their relational networks. The Winters provide coaching and training to leaders in Austria, Portugal, and Slovenia. God regularly provides new opportunities for further expansion of the ministry vision.

With four children at home, life is busy but rewarding. We welcome Pyry, Ani, and their family to ECM! We invite you to pray for the Winter family in their disciple-making ministry with European Christian Mission.

First Culture Workers in Finland
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with ECM since 2023