Eberson & Madalena David da Silva

We are a missionary family from Brazil - Eberson and Madalena, and our twin daughters Beatriz and Isabela David. We arrived in Portugal in January 2020 from the city of Cordeiro, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

We work in the Alentejo region in Portugal, the largest region of this country, but less densely populated and less developed, with a mainly agricultural economy and a population density declining year by year.

Our main missionary activity is in the Evangelical Congregational Mission in the village of Montargil, where we continue the work of planting a church in this twon of 2,000 inhabitants. It is the only church in this place and currently has about 20 people, including elderly, young adults, and teenagers, with a percentage of 1% evangelical Christians in the town.

This is the fifth attempt at a church planting on this place. The first attempts were started 50 years ago by the Portuguese pastor, José Marques Calado (in memoriam) and over the years 4 other different pastors continued the work: Vitor Biscaia, Jorge Campos and Daniel Silva (in memoriam) at different times. We continue the church planting project started by Pastor Daniel Silva who passed away in February 2019.

We have been implementing a Sunday Bible School, Youth Ministry, face to face and online worship services, Small Bible Study groups, Evangelical Moral Education classes at the Montargil School and developing musical skills with the youth through a small orchestra and a small choir.

Our second missionary activity is in the Christian Community of Alentejo in the small town of Mora, where we have been continuing the church planting work started approximately 20 years ago by Pastor Vitor Biscaia and his wife Bia. We have implemented a prayer ministry, revitalised the services and strenghten the discipleship with the members through small groups.

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