Bert & Jenny de Ruiter

It's time that Muslims and Christians stand together in the fight against the hardening of European societies and that they actively search to develop mutual relationships.

Who are Bert and Jenny?

Bert and Jenny met in 1981 in Belgium when they worked in the same OM team in Ghent. They both grew up in the Netherlands.  Prior to joining OM,  Bert was trained and worked as a tax officer, while Jenny was trained and worked as a nurse.

After working together for a little over two years in OM, they got married and then went to England for a Bible school education. From 1985 to 2004 they worked with Arab World Ministries. From 2014-2018 they were connected to OM and from 2019 they will continue their work in collaboration with ECM. Because Bert likes to study, between 2000 and 2009 he obtained his Masters degree and Doctor of Ministry degree. God has given them two beautiful children who are now married and they are the proud grandparents of five grandchildren.

Our passion

"God has given us both a heart for our Muslim neighbors and we share our lives with them in several ways. We intend to be an aroma and a letter of Christ in their lives in word and deed. We work with Muslims, pray for and with them, serve them, eat with them, talk to them about what concerns them and us, and we desire that our Muslim friends in our lives see an example of what it means to be a follower of Jesus. We find it important to inspire and help other Christians to be close contact to Muslims and to show God's love for them, God has also given us a heart for the city of Amsterdam and we enjoy being a Christian surrounded by people about 180 different nationalities."

Our roles

Bert: "My role could be described in three words: learning, reading, living. A large part of my work consists of providing training to Christians in dealing with Muslims, and I do this in different European countries. To stay up-to-date about what I teach, it is important to read about developments among Muslims in Europe.  The information that I learn is then expressed in teaching but also in writing. But  learning and reading would mainly be the theory  when it is not lived out in daily life.  I work together with Muslims through projects, consultations, and in social activities. "

Jenny: "In my work with Muslims, I have learned that weak points can become stronger and that strong points may continue to grow." Although I am dyslexic myself, God has used me for nine years to teach Dutch language to illiterate people.   At the moment I work several hours a week with a homecare organization, For a long time I was one of the few employees of Dutch descent. Still, many of my colleagues and clients are Muslim, I have a lot of contacts with Moroccan women, I enjoy tea with older women and I talk to younger women about friendships, marriage, upbringing and family. In this way, I can share my life  with them. "

With ECM

Bert will be consultant, trainer and mentor for those involved in and interested in sharing their lives with Muslims and Jenny will provide a listening ear, open arms and folded hands. Thanks for supporting them in their important ministry.

Consultant Relationships Muslims and Christians
Country of origin
The Netherlands

With ECM since 2018