Carlos Fumero

Mario, Samuel

"Life starts outside the comfort zone. My passion is to make the difficult easy, and seek to be or to provide a solution to every challenge. If I don't know something I learn it, give me a 'why' and we will find the 'how'."

Carlos E. Fumero is involved in interdenominational movements, such as AoG, Aglow Int. Spain, La Plaza, Spanish Evangelical Alliance, Exponential, Lausanne, M4 Ready Spain, and many other national and international organisations, in tasks ranging from technological collaboration to adviser on the boards.

Some of the things that describe Carlos' diverse ministry are:
Promoter of innovation systems and development of faith communities. Social entrepreneur, president of the Emerge Toledo Association and coordinator of Repair Café Toledo. Committed to creative forms of expansion for the development of the circular economy. Master in Coaching, NLP and emotional intelligence, and lecturer. Creator of audiovisual content, recordings, editing, post-production, community manager, design, layout of books in paperback and E-book format on Amazon. Technician and videoconference manager.

Carlos is an ordained minister of the Spanish Assemblies of God and has coordinated the Communications Office of the Spanish AoG. He holds a Bachelor's Degree from the Spanish Evangelical Seminary, and a Master's Degree in Coaching, NLP and Emotional Intelligence from the CEU San Pablo UNIVERSITY of Seville.

Cross Cultural Worker in Spain
Country of origin
Norwey / Honduras

With ECM since 2022

Carlos & Patty Fumero