New Hope Romania Misiunea (Creştină NOUA SPERANŢĂ)

Ministry Type:
Administrative WorkArts and MusicChildren and YouthOutreach and Evangelism

New Hope Romania is located in the city of Timisoara. This is New Hope’s oldest office. Tinu Leontic who led this mission from 1995 till 2019 has passed away in early 2020. Now the ministry is led by Tavi Verlan, who has been working with New Hope for two decades. The Timisoara team focuses primarily on publishing for Christian leadership development—making relevant publications available in the Romanian language. The books are widely known and appreciated by pastors and youth pastors, as well as the general Christian population. They also publish a widely popular four-year Sunday school curriculum that makes use of flannelgraph figures. The Timisoara publishing effort is large and effective in equipping and empowering the church of Romania.

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