Church planting in Sevilla

Church planting
Ministry Type:
Missional CommunitiesPioneer Church Planting

At the beginning of 2021, Henk and Hanneke Knol and their four children moved to Palomares del Río, nearby Sevilla, to start a longterm ministry to spread Jesus' message of love, forgiveness and mercy. By living among the Spanish people as a Christian family and by investing in relationships, they want to let the Gospel shine.

The project in Palomares del Río focuses on: 

- building relationships with people (believers and non-believers);
- building a community that gathers in different places to strengthen and encourage each other to be active in the Kingdom of God;
- a man/woman growth group (vulnerability, faith, relation);
- reaching people through discipleship;
- reaching people with hospitality by being an “open home”;
- counseling and coaching of locals.