Ireland and Britain need Jesus too

together.jpgTuesday 21 November 2023 15:36

We all need to be part of a team that encourages us to be reaching out with Jesus' love to those around us.

The Ireland and Britain Cluster team, and some other ECM friends from Ireland serving across Europe, enjoyed our prayer retreat from 20-22 October. The theme was ‘The New Thing God is Doing’ from Isaiah 43.19. We enjoyed three talks from Paul Coulter, from Living Leadership, from Isaiah 40-44 inviting us to:
- Come to God for new strength,
- Learn to sing a new song,
- Take on the new thing God has for us.
We also allowed space to engage with Disappointment and Delight in Ministry, and to be encouraged by prayer updates from Ireland and Britain and across Europe, all of which showed marked encouragements of new things God is doing.

Rita and Vidas Rimkus are part of the Ireland & Britain Cluster Group. Find out about their ministry here

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