Pioneer Church Planter in Lake Garda Area

Long term
Around Lake Garda

5 years or more

We are looking for people to start new church plants in the area between Montichiari and Trento, especially around Lake Garda. 

ECM currently has a church planting ministry at Montichiari (province of Brescia), and at Trento and Rovereto (province of Trentino). We are looking for people to start new church plants in the area between Montichiari and Trento, especially around Lake Garda. In this area, which is well known by the current team of ECM missionaries and where contacts have been built, there are many towns with no known evangelical witness. You will work alone, supported (at a distance of about 30-60 km) by ECM missionaries and with churches whom we are in contact with. You would need to raise up prayer for the town, start to make contacts and then start Bible studies before pioneering a new church plant. It would be possible to be bi-vocational, having a job in order to make contacts and give validity to your living in the area.

You have experience in a pioneering situation, you are a self-starter and find making relationships easy. You speak Italian well or are willing to learn the language. Language learning can be done on arrival, before starting a ministry. You are an active member of your church.

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