Raising the profile of the church, by serving God and people in France

Short term

1-3 months

We are looking for servants who're willing to live their lives in the community of Tours for a minimum period of two months.

The church in Tours wants to give something back to society and is involved in different forms of volunteering work. This happens in a community centre through offering computer lessons, language classes in English & German and other workshops. This is a natural way in with people as you engage them through conversations during these classes.

Servant mentality, people person, flexible, teamplayer. You would need fluent French to avail of this opportunity.


ECM offers you a great opportunity to discover your gifting and place within the Kingdom of God. For more information and a more detailed project description please contact shortterm@ecmi.org.

if known
if known
Mr., Miss, Mrs., Dr. Etc..
Let us know about your relevant work experience including years worked. Alternatively you can send your CV to: sarah.hay@ecmi.org
Let us know a little about the education and training you have completed.
List the experiences you have with dates of service, if possible.
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This doesn't have to be long, but provide enough detail to help us understand the process you've gone through to bring you to this point.
Date you are available for service.
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