Thank you for partnering with us in the mission,
small seeds can bring much fruit.

Your Donation to ECM - Were most needed

Why we need your help

ECM depends upon the freewill financial support of individual donors. While some support is received from churches, other groups and Christian trusts, the mainstay of our financial resources comes from individual supporters. ECM is a ‘faith mission’. It is only by relying on God’s providence through his people that we can and do exist. 

Thank you for your support!


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Gift Aid

Are you a UK taxpayer? If so, please claim Gift Aid so that you can increase your donation by 25% with no extra cost to you. That means if you donate £100.00 we can claim an extra £25.00 from the government making the total donation £125.00.
Please note that, with the full understanding and authorisation of our missionaries, a small percentage of your donation is allocated towards ECM's administration costs, to help us support and facilitate the vital kingdom work that our missionaries do. Please be assured that all of your donation is handled responsibly and with great care.