Candidate procedure

It's important to us that people start their missionary work well prepared. Therefore, ECM uses an extensive candidate procedure for people who wish to serve long term.

The first steps
In the first place of course it's important that you do your orientation together with God. Our experience is that in one way or the other He makes clear what is a good direction to follow. Talk about it with a few people you trust and who are able to reflect your ideas well. Just take the first few steps and see whether God confirms your steps. Each year you can attend several mission conferences where you can discover a lot about mission work. If possible, visit the country God puts on your heart. Also, get involved in mission work at home and develop the talents God has given you.

The procedure  
As soon as you are seriously considering mission work somewhere in Europe, you can get in contact with us and come along for an exploratory conversation. If you do that, we will ask you to tell us something about your motivation in writing and to send us your CV. If we then see opportunities together within ECM, there will then be new steps to follow to become a candidate and finally a missionary worker. 

You will need to fill out questionnaires and have others fill out reference forms about you. You will have different conversations with ECM-workers, the ECM board, your church leaders, a psychologist and the teamleader of your potential ECM team.  

You might be asked to have (additional) theological education or to get more experience with work in your church.  Depending on your education and (work) experience it might take a while before you can actually start your mission work. To us a good preparation is of vital importance. 

In the meanwhile you are building your support group in terms of prayer and finance. Your church and friends play an important part in this. ECM will help and advise you with building your support. It isn't always easy, but we have always seen that God provides with everything necessary when He calls you to serve Him. 

We hope that you will seriously consider and pray for a role to serve as a worker for God somewhere in Europe. Europe needs more people to share Jesus' love by planting and developing His church and so reaching people yearning for meaning and purpose in their lives.