Lindsay Moorhead

Lindsay leads ECM Ireland by seeking to raise awareness of the spiritual needs in Europe, caring for the ECM Ireland missionaries and mobilising people across Ireland to serve Jesus in Europe.

Lindsay is wife to Mark and mum to Seth. She grew up in Bangor, Northern Ireland before studying Marketing and Management at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh. She came to faith whilst seeing the difference Jesus made to the lives of people when on a short term mission team in Uganda. She spent a year volunteering with SIM in Malawi and was part of the inaugural intake of Belfast's Cornhill Course. Since 2009, Lindsay has been the coordinator for the Mission Agencies Partnership (MAP) which developed her skills in networking, leadership, event management and strategic planning. Lindsay is excited to be working for ECM Ireland, to have the opportunity to share about the work locally and to have the privilege of caring for ECMI's missionaries serving across Europe.

Director of ECM Ireland
Country of origin
Northern Ireland

With ECM since 2018