Manuela Bartzi - ter Maat

There are only a few people who really know Jesus personally. While the need for hope is high in this country plagued by political, economic and humanitarian crises.

Manuela ter Maat is a missionary candidate for the position of Shortterm coordinator in Athens, Greece, where she has been living since autumn 2017. In 2016 she went to the island of Samos as a volunteer in the refugee camp there and was touched, not only by the need among refugees, but also by the need among the Greeks themselves. Although most of the population is Greek Orthodox, there are few people who really know Jesus personally, while the need for hope is high, in this country plagued by political, economic and humanitarian crises.

The local Protestant-Evangelical Church is developing an increasingly strong missionary vision and is actively helping in almost all imaginable society groups that need help:

- Homeless people
- Prostitutes
- Refugees and migrants
- Gypsies
- Children and young people in the neighborhood
and others..

Those churches are small and there is an incredible amount of work to do! 'The harvest is large, but the workers are few.' As ECM we want to start a new mission here, to spread the hope and love of Christ, to encourage and support the local Christians in their missionary activities, and to equip them with a shining light and a salty salt.

The first step that ECM (through Manuela) wants to take in this is to receive shortterm-teams and let them participate in the various local projects that are already there. The aim is that both local Christians are supported, built up and encouraged as well as all volunteers will have a life-changing experience that helps them to grow in their faith and become more in God's image. Manuela will coordinate the teams and will build, develop and maintaining contacts with both the local authorities and the shorttermers, taking care of the program, ensuring that everything is arranged and offering spiritual guidance.

Candidate missonary for position of Shortterm coordinator
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