Malta Music Ministry

Limiti ta’ San Pawl il-Baħar
Ministry Type:
Arts and MusicOutreach and EvangelismTheological and Ministry Training

Using music ministry for outreach and offering music ministry workshops for leadership training. Both inside and outside church contexts. Specifically, we use an Elvis tribute show to build bridges in the community that often lead to further opportunities.

Additionally to the music ministry, the Borgs are currently building relationships & partnerships with those who have been working here long term. In the context of an existing local church, they are prayerfully considering best models for building a culture of healthy mother-church planting and sending. As they discern how to best model a priesthood of all believers in evangelism, growth, discipleship and unity in the love for Jesus. Annual conferences, children’s and youth events and prayer days also facilitate some of these goals. They are encouraged daily by the hunger for God many on the Islands demonstrate the work of one-on-one bible reading & discipleship seems endless. English is widely spoken, understood (and in some settings preferred) allowing many openings for the gospel and prayer.