Vision to Portugal

Short term
< One month

Your church is considering supporting a new missionary? You want to know more about our work in Portugal? You are interested in knowing more about the mission field in Europe in general. Then doing this vision trip will help you visit the people your church supports

We will help you, or the group you want to travel with, to get to know mission in Europe. Not just that, but also show you what the vision of ECM Portugal is and how it can be communicated back to your home church. 

Spending time understanding the different opportunities that we have and seeing the work first hand is for many people an eyeopener.  We know you will go back home with a clear vision of what God is doing in Portugal.

  • This vision trip can be done alone or in a group. 
  • We can provide for groups up to 8-10 people for a duration of max 2 weeks. 
  • Not in the month, December and July and August. 
  • Costs: =/- 25 euros per day.

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