Church Plant Team Members in Eastern Spain

Long term

We are looking for people to join a team in church pioneering and planting in the province.

The area of Castellón situated on the east coast of Spain, has in the past attracted a lot of labourers, especially from South America. Looking for purpose in life and a community, a good number find connection with evangelical churches. With support from ECM-workers, a church has been planted in Onda and several church planting initiatives have started in neighbouring cities/towns. The vision is to expand this to neighbouring villages and towns. 

You have the abilities to work as a pioneer. You have completed a suitable theological education and can work in trans-cultural teams. You have a multicultural and open mindset, which enables you to relate with a great variety of people. You speak Spanish of are willing to learn to speak the language. The ability to speak the Valencian dialect is an advantage. You are an active member of your church. 

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if known
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